The Eco-Activator - Your Environmental Toolkit

Guide to Strategic Planning for Both Profits and Nonprofits

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Indepth guide to strategic planning.  If you really mean business, this is the one.

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EPA's School Indoor Air Quality Kit

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This comprehensive kit has a vast array of resources to improving the air quality in your local school.

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Ideas for School Environmental Action Projects

click here For grades K - 12, the themes of these project ideas range from "waste management, erosion and runoff, ecosystem diversity, natural resources and miscellaneous".

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What The Heck IS Tampaction?

click here Maybe you guessed. From Philadephia, this student environmental action coalition, comes this campaign about replacing unsustainable menstrual products with more sustainable alternatives.

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What You Can Do For The Environment

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This guide from Environment Canada gives information on how to stop and reduce pollution from home, school, work, recreation, travel, in the community and yard.

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Free Lesson Plan: Why Preserve Biodiversity?

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This lesson plan is for grades three to five and explores the idea of the importance of biodiversity. 

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Understanding Climate Change for Business

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This project has resources for business to understand climate change, measuring and reporting, solutions, news and a library. They also have a Office Guide that is downloadable from here.

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Environment Reporting and Action for the Classroom

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From the Government of South Australia, this resource for teachers contains information about environment reporting, key findings, factsheets, resources for teachers and students, research ideas and taking action. 

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The Citizen Activist Tool Kit

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This pdf package takes you through the basics of being an effective citizen activist.  Topics include different types of communication including face to face, telephone, public speaking, writing campaigns, using the media and fundraising. 

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Find Pollution In Your Neighborhood

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This site, from the California Environmental Rights Alliance, provides links to information that will help you identify pollution sources in your area and provide information about their adverse effects. 

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Using Art to Increase Environmental Literacy

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From the National Museum of Wildlife Art, this winzip file contains a interdisciplinary teacher's resource that uses art to teach about nature and environmental issues.   

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Learn to Be An Environmentally Friendly Gardener

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From Southern California, comes this guide to water wise gardening.  Includes an online tutorial on the basics.  Much more good information including landscaping design templates, water conservations and other topics.

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Online Free Environmental Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Teachers can find links to online sources of environmental lesson plans here.  This page is for up to grade five.  Look to the directory on the left and see the link for the K-12 Students.

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Tips for Finding an Energy Efficient Rental

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This guide, from the City of Columbia, Missouri, gives tips for finding an energy efficient home rental. 

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Fact Sheet About Being a Green Consumer

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A quick factsheet from the Environmental Defense about how to be a green consumer.   

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pdf Guide to Helping Citizens Stop Suburban Sprawl

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 Contains a report and a pdf toolkit for citizens interested in stopping urban sprawl and promoting a sustainable community.

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EPA's Tools for Getting Started Towards a Green Community

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This guide helps your community assess its current situation and to consider where you want to go and be.

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